ITM - gas heater type G

ITM - gas heater type G

manufacturer: ITM

Category: Heaters

product #: 27119

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Product description

Propane-butane gas heaters produce warm air. They do not require a chimney in, you only need to provide an air supply to allow combustion.

  • economical round burner
  • hose and regulator as standard
  • flame failure sensor
  • automatic gas cut-off


Construction works, heating the facility in industrial (halls, warehouse in, workshop in) and agricultural (greenhouses, facility in cultivating livestock), construction in progress, etc. Perfect for rooms with plant breeding - by burning oxygen, they emit CO2, which plants need.

Construction and power supply

The enclosures are made of stainless steel sheets, which makes them extremely resistant to corrosion. Combustion chambers and heat exchangers are made of heat-resistant steel. The light weight and handles allow easy transport. Propane-butane gas from a 11 kg or larger bottle, + 220V power supply for the fan.

Heater configuration

The heaters are supplied as a complete device with a gas hose and regulator. Ready to work, after connecting to the gas cylinder and power supply. The G150 model has knobs for smooth power control, so you can reduce gas consumption to a minimum.

Technical data

50 Hz
propan butan
100 %
230 - 240 V
air flow:
250 m³/h
6,5 kg
0,73 kg/h
diameter of the hot air:
180 fi
dimensions [mm]:
360 x 190 x 310 mm
fuel pressure:
0,5 - 7,25 Bar
net weight:
5,7 kg
number of pieces per pallet:
90 item
outlet temperature:
44 °C
10,2 kW
power consumption:
0,029 kW
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